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Have you ever regretted passing on a dream you felt was too risque for the time? So – what have you done about it since?

Growing up I had a passion for sports and numbers. By the age of 12, I had ditched my soccer cleats & basketball and begged my parents for a sewing machine! However, by the time college graduation came around, I was well rehearsed in the accounting world; because I knew that would help me secure a great career…thus a “great life.”

Somehow during that decade, I lost hold of what made me happy, what kept me going, what made me…me 🙂

Now I am here; sharing my creations and encouraging everyone to make the time in this busy life to ENJOY it by revisiting some of those old dreams and turning them into today’s reality. While it’s all sewing related, I’m currently dabbling in many facets: pattern drafting, lingerie making, recycling old clothing, and all things vintage! I’ve never been one to care much about following trends, so if you’re looking to stay up on the hottest & latest, this wouldn’t be the right place. Although, usually I’m naturally slightly ahead of the curve so you wouldn’t be in the wrong place!

Oh, and remember…

Everything with life grows. If you’re not growing, you’re not LIVING.”

xxxox, Que

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