Christmas Sweater Vest

All things Christmas makes me all bubbly inside. The colored lights, carols, smell of pine cones, wrapping paper, retail sales, shouting kids (that aren’t mine). Aaaah, sweet felicity!

Last year, you’d remember I made a Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater to spend time with my family on Christmas Day if you were following me then (which no one was 😥 so thank goodness for links)! It was so quick to make and it was pretty fun as it was mostly freestyled. However, needless to say, she was the life laugh of the party. Life/laugh, potato/potahto same thing to me so: Success! 🙌

This year, I really didn’t have anything planned. Normally, I like to keep things low key when I’m with my family.  Shopping for new inspiration at the thrift store, I stumbled across a cute “Lil’ Red Riding Hood old grannie” sweater vest. (Seriously, I bet the person this belong to last wore it while knitting in their rocking chair, watching reruns of The Brady Bunch over their glasses on the “television set”). See for yourself:

This green Christmas vest is made by OHI in a size small. Here are up close pictures of the different patches embroidered on it.

The vest was so cute that I wanted to let it be the focal point. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite long enough to wear as a dress, like I’d hoped. I paired the vest dress with a cream turtleneck & cream leggings with knee high boots.


xxxox, Que

P.S. Purchase this Christmas Sweater Vest on my Etsy shop!

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