DIY Loose Fit Beaded Tank Top

When I’m shopping for new clothes, I’m normally attracted to things that aren’t very conventional for a 9-5 in an office setting.

Nonetheless, I love to take your normal everyday piece & mix it with some more non-conventional details.

This unique tank top has become one of my new favorite designs. It was so easy to make!

The Details

This loose fitting tank top has a V neckline with a trapezoid like hem. It has non-adjustable straps and a wooden beaded hem design.

A trapezoid hem is when the hemline is shaped like a trapezoid.  A trapezoid is a shape with 4 sides, & only 2 of which are parallel to each other; looks something like this:

Mine has 5 lines for a neck hole

Old tank top/t shirt

Pattern paper

1 yard of fabric



Hand needle & thread

Quick Snippet

  1. Trace an old tank top/tshirt
  2. Once you have a copy of the original tank, take a ruler and at about a 45 degree angle, measure out about 8-10″ from the point where the armhole and side seam meets.
  3. From that point, draw a line about 12-14″ long. This is going to be your new side.
  4. From that point, draw a line at about another 45 degree angle up to the centerfold line. This will give it a trapezoid hemline.
  5. When you’re cutting out the hemline, you’re going to cut out the fabric at least 4 inches below the pattern’s hemline.
  6. With the fabric folded in half, cut out 2 pieces, then flip the pattern & cut out another 2 pieces.


Watch the Process

You guys need to definitely give this tank a go. It’s very casual, perfect for a trip to the beach or just hanging around downtown! I love projects that are completed with 1 yard or less of fabric.


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