DIY Men’s 2-Tone Tank Top with Pocket & Trim – – From Scratch!

Using an old shirt/tank as a pattern, you can make a men’s tank top from scratch!

A men’s tank/shirt

About 1.5 yards of fabric (I used 100% cotton)

Matching thread


Sewing Machine

1. Fold your fabric in half. Fold your shirt in half. Line the center folds up, placing the shirt on top of the fabric.

2. Use a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors to cut around the shirt. Leave at least 3/8″ for seam allowance.

3. Use tailor’s chalk to trace how/where you want the neckline to be.

You now have the front

4. Repeat those steps for the back. Cut the back into 2 sections. Trace the top half of the back using a different fabric than the bottom half. Leave 3/8″ for seam allowance to join the top & bottom halves.

5. Cut out a pocket about 5″ by 5″. Iron all sides in about 1/2″, except the top – iron that in 1″.

7. Stitch along the top of the pocket.

8. Pin & stitch the pocket on the tank’s front, leaving the top part open (do not stitch top of pocket closed!)

10. Attach the 2 back pieces with pins & sew.

Bottom half should be flipped UPSIDE DOWN &placed on top of the top half with right sides together.

11. Using an iron, press the seam down towards the bottom half

12. Right sides together, pin & sew the front & back together at the shoulders. Press seam towards back of tank.

13. Pin & stitch side seams. Press seam towards the back of the tank.

14.  Fold & press in bottom hem first 3/8″ then again 1″. Stitch.

15. Use bias tape to trim neck & arm holes.

Iron the whole tank again for a crisp finish & you’re done! Put this in your drawer or pass it over to your boyfriend!


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