DIY Mom-Friendly Dress

Have you ever caught yourself doing something you grew up watching your mom do? In the moment of realization, you kinda just stop & laugh, shaking your head at the embedded trait. As I stare at the infamous lip pout my mom makes in the mirror on my own face, I wonder if this is something that’ll be carried down from generation to generation. Does my Nana pout when she puts on her make-up? Will my daughter own the pout?!

While this post isn’t about the lip pout I’ve inherited, it is a moment to acknowledge the woman that has shown me what unconditional love is.

Here is the self-drafted dress I made out of a teal tie-dye jersey knit. She loved the color! & I loved the fabric! The jersey made it a very painless process when it came to sizing, I didn’t have to be specific at all. The dress is high-low styled, with a modest scoop neck and an ankle length. The braided straps and 2 high slits were added to celebrate her youthfulness & sex appeal!


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  1. Dad says: Reply

    Awesome dress Dominique!!! I love the color!! Great story about you and mom! Keep up the good work honey!! Love dad

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