DIY Ninja Halloween Costume

sexy ninja costume

Happy Halloween!!

Scrambling around last minute for a cute adult costume? Or maybe you’re like me and just don’t have the gall to spend $80+ on a costume for a 1 night event. Well, prepare to be amazed!

This had to be one of the simplest, quickest, cheapest, and sexiest (and bestest while I’m at it :)) homemade costumes out there! Seriously, I made this DIY ninja costume for under $10!

Materials Used:

Black tank top $2

Black biker shorts $2

Black long sleeve  top $5

Black scrap fabric  $0


 Total:       $9

Quick Tutorial:

Cut the straps on the tank, cross them, and sew them back down. Cut the neck band and the torso of the long sleeve shirt off (this goes over the tank). Use scraps to sew a “skirt” to the front and back of the biker shorts. Use any remaining scraps for a mask.

Check out my DIY Ninja Assassin Halloween Costume below!

sexy ninja costume

sexy ninja costume

sexy ninja costume

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  1. dad says: Reply

    Hey honey, you look like just like my heroine I created, Nzingha. Check it out:

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