DIY Off the Shoulder T-Shirt

Hey There! One of this season’s trends is the off the shoulder top. I absolutely love this look, it’s a great way to “girl” up an edgy, tomboyish outfit. I plan on making quite a few different pieces that have my shoulders exposed this spring!

This morning I wanted something comfy and cash (casual) to finish my Christmas shopping and pulled out a pretty plain Addidas crew neck t-shirt that was shoved in my drawer. My friend got me a pair of shoes and this matching top last year and I thought what the hey! This is MY shirt and I wanna cut it up!


add tee 1add tee 2

add tee 4

add tee 5

add tee 6

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So, I’m sure you’ve seen a gagillion tutorials out there explaining in great detail how to cut a plain t shirt into something you could actually wear. I won’t go into much detail so hopefully the pictures are enough. Please leave any comments/questions if not!


TOOLSaddidas tee tools

how to add tee

And I’m out!

add tee 7



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