Embroidered Patches-Are they really worth all the craze?

ixthirty diy embroidered tshirt

Remember when I said I was going to make a whole slew of items with embroidery patches?! If you missed it, it was in my January Projects post. I went on and on about adding patches to hats, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, shorts, jeans, anything basically that I could think of.

Well I lied.

That’s right, I lied. I got as far as 2 hats & a shirt before I decided this was WAY too trendy for my taste. Seeing it everywhere I turned, and even noticing clothing stores like H&M selling the embroidery patches for non DIYers to DIY annoyed me!

Not to mention the expense. 1 of those patches will easily run you about $4 and you can’t really have 1 patch on anything (except a hat). In my opinion, for it to look good/top fashion, you need a cluster of them (and you need them placed strategically).

For example, the first embroidered patch project I did was this t-shirt.

ixthirty embroidered patch tshirt

ixthirty diy embroidered tshirt

Cute & simple, with only 4 patches (definitely a minimum amount for a shirt).  The t-shirt was $5 itself plus 4 patches x $4. This little project was $21. You can buy a patched shirt @ XXI and H&M for that amount. However, if you’re comparing to bigger brands like Marc Jacobs whose selling the patched shirts @ $100+, then this is definitely a bargain.

Lastly, the supply was very limited. It seemed Joann’s and other craft stores all offered the same designs. And that’s if there were anymore on the shelf (another aggravation & confirmation of just how popular these things are)!

ixthirty diy embroidery patch

It holds up well, though. These pictures were taken after 1 run through the washer!

diy attaching embroidery patch

I’ve learned a very important lesson over the many of DIY projects I’ve completed:

Just because you DIY doesn’t mean you’ll save money!

Nope. It just ensures you have something unique, 1 of kind, that you’ve made on your very own.

Even if you decide to DIY the embroidered patches to save money, it’ll cost you in time. There’s a few tutorials on Youtube that shows you how to make your own embroidered patches, literally one hand stitch at a time. I considered it and just as quickly decided against it. My attention span just isn’t long enough. 🙁

But if you’re interested, my favorite tutorial on how to make custom embroidery patches was from Chezlin. She’s very creative and her videos are top quality!

Then I patched up these hats. Again, patches were about $4 each and hats were another $4 each.

embroidered patch baseball cap

My boyfriend loves creating music. Even when we’re relaxing, he’s pulling out his phone to work on instrumentals. (Ever wonder where I get my tutorial instrumentals? This guy!) He picked out this pretty cool, old school mix tape patch for himself.

male model wearing diy embroidered patch baseball cap

And I, of course, am always the brains of the operation, hence:

female model wearing diy embroidered patch hat

LOL! What do you guys think about the embroidery patch trend? Is there a such thing as too trendy??


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