January Progress & Introducing The Safari Sisters!

My goodness you guys, we’re already 2 weeks into the new year! I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how fast time flies. I think I’m reminded every time I hop on social media and disapprove of all the young girls’ attire choices. But the disapproval is quickly followed by a sly smile, as I sit back reminiscing on my days as a young girl and some of the decisions I made that I can no longer support in my old-er age. Nonetheless, sometimes we need to be reminded of how short life is and that life itself is not promised; it’s not something owed to us no matter what. I say this to say:

Be grateful. Be happy. Be generous. Be patient while productive.

Alright, on to the progress of my January Projects, which sadly is not much progress at all. I’ve spent so much time looking for beautiful coordinating flower embroidered appliques that won’t take 2 months to get to me. So that completely rules out purchasing overseas, and unfortunately China & Hong Kong has all the beautiful coordinating flower embroidered appliques that a DIY fashionista could ever dream of. So I’ve focused my search to only USA suppliers and to be honest, there weren’t very many options. Luckily, I found some appliques I can work with. By work with I mean I can strategically cut and surgically attach some pieces together with other pieces to look similar to what I could get in Asia. It’ll be a lot more work (,time, and money) buuut…lol, doesn’t matter-I’m already committed.

Thank you @ Gloryshouse for being local (-ish, Kentucky’s good enough) with these babies!

And my eBay picks:

So that’s where I am. Valentine’s Day dress supplies finally found, with 2 weeks to finish the 4 other projects. This weekend I have to work and Devon and I have date night, but I still plan on will be getting some of the smaller projects knocked out.

BUT ALSO! Earlier this week I created a trio group of sisters, the Safari Sisters (totally unrelated to what I was actually supposed to be working on this month-see why I don’t usually plan out projects?). It’s an upcycle sweatshirt project I’m currently working on but thought I’d give a sneak peek. Don’t judge the drawing, as I’m not an illustrator in the slightest bit. I use it more or less to plan out proportions.

What about you? Do you normally stick to your projects’ plan? Oh and Happy Friday 13th!



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