January Projects

January is such a beautiful time in Florida. It’s finally getting cooler out, but not quite cold. This is where beach weather meets sweater weather, “Beather Weather!” I’ve been in & out of my sneakers since September, but now it’s time to get the booties and mid calfs out! Coming from the North, I’ve never been so appreciative for the opportunity to wear boots. Boots, for me, typically meant frost bitten cheeks & being frozen into Barbie form with every movement. Being that now I only get like 2 out of 52 weeks to wear them (ok-an exaggeration, but only slight), it’s a special time of the year…like an extension of the holidays.

Anyway, I’ve got my January To-Do list together and thought I’d share it with you and my future self. I don’t typically have a To-Do list, as I’m normally inspired while fabric or thrift shopping. However, I thought a lil organization never hurt nobody.

#1 Valentine’s Day Dress- Don’t know where we’re going yet but he said he wanted to see me in something like this so see me in something like this he shall. This is at the top of the list because I know I won’t be able to find my supplies locally.

#2 Bra- I’ve finally gotten my 8229 Madalynne Bra pattern from Simplicity and Bra kit in the mail so this is…near the top. Been pretty anxious to have it all make sense, I’m counting on you Madalynne! I’ll leave a pattern review.

#3 Sweatsuit– I’ve got this sweatsuit I’ve been working on I’d like to finish this week. Joggers are finished, complete with a “balloon fit” and 2 side pockets. It’s a self-drafted pattern I’m working on so I’ll post the finished product.

#4 Paperbag pants- I won’t spoil the surprise but this is an upcycle project I’ve had in mind with material in drawer.

#5 Patches– Patches are my new *current* love. I want them, EVERYWHERE. T-shirts, hats, jeans, jackets, sweaters…whatever else I can think of.

Do you also get a “To-Do” list together or do you just go with the flow? Let me know in the comments!

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