Kim K Inspired Tee in 60 seconds!

I love the ripped V-neck T-shirt I just seen Kim Kardashian in. I like that it’s a simple piece that can be dressed up or down and worn day or night. Kim dressed her camel ripped T-shirt up with a delicate gold chain necklace, dark brown leather studded belt wrapped around her waist, an army green bodycon skirt, and beige ankle strap sandals.


Because it looked so cute and simple, I had to try to remake it. I figured a V-neck would give it a completely different look that I didn’t want and a boat neck would look too sloppy, so I stuck with scoops like hers, a crew neck will also work. However, I do think a chunky turtleneck would be an interesting look. Look below for the short pictorial on how I remade the tee!

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tshirt 1

You’ll want to try the shirt on first and mark how far down you want to go. Cut a “V” into the shirt. Be sure to leave the neckline attached. Start at the shoulder seam on one side and end slightly under the collarbone on the other side.

tshirt 2

Now cut out the triangle piece and voila!

tshirt 3jpg

You may need to cut the sleeves.

I for one am looking forward to seeing the rest of Kim’s “simple maternity style.”



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