March Shoe Crush Series Ep. 1 : DIY Shoes – Mesh Tennis Shoes

Well, Winter and Spring has already come and gone for us in a matter of 12 days! Seriously. So long boots & sweaters, it was fun while it lasted.

This month I have decided to remake a few pair of shoes I’ve developed a crush on! The best part about this mini series? I show you how to make them, also!

Every week this month, I’ll publish a “DIY Shoe Crush” post where I will show & tell you guys about a shoe I liked so much that I wanted to make a replica. I’ll cap each post off with a final decision of to make or buy, suggesting whether it was worth making or perhaps better to buy it.

The Shoe

The first shoe of the DIY Shoe Crush Series is the mesh tennis shoe.

You’ve all seen them. They’re coming in different brands & in nice bright colors! They’re a great way to stand out while working out! Or for a fashionista to have her sporty days. I’ve been obsessed over the past few years. I don’t honor any brand over the other (except 930 of course :)), so I normally buy based off of price & shoe color. I prefer to buy a shoe in a color that I don’t already have; it helps me give each shoe the proper attention it deserves.



This was a very cheap and easy DIY project! Keep reading to learn how to create your own mesh tennis shoe for under $15!

1 pair of casual shoes – mine came from Walmart for $5.87

Various pieces of mesh fabric in at least 2 different colors or styles – I used 3 types of scraps I had leftover

Elmers adhesive spray

ModPodge clear acrylic spray (optional)

Coordinating shoestring (optional)


Watch The Process!

Make or Buy?


These were very easy, versatile, & cheap to make but sturdy to wear. Not to mention, it is a great way to use scraps of mesh fabric that you have leftover from bigger projects. With this shoe, you’re only limited by your imagination!


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