March Shoe Crush Series Ep. 2: DIY Shoes -Sequined Sneaker

sequined shoes

March Shoe Crush DIY Series Continued!

This is Episode 2 of the DIY Shoes Series, where I show & tell you how to make a shoe I’ve fallen for!

The Shoe

Katy Perry’s The Lena sneaker has inspired this latest shoe crush. The latest Katy Perry shoe collection features a sequined sneaker with a colorful palette. The whole shoe (“heel-to-toe”) is covered in sequins, minus the sole and laces. A girly and cute way to shine!

For this remake, I decided to cover the entire shoe, sole included. My inspiration? The ocean! Can you tell?



Pair of sneakers – preferably an old pair you have in your closet

Trims/cuts of of sequin fabric

Hot glue gun/hot glue


Watch the Process!

Make or Buy?


The shoe is not only easy to make, but it’s also fun to design! Designing them yourself, you’re able to be however playful & creative you want to be with the colors. It’s also a great way to recycle an old pair of shoes you don’t really wear. And it was cheap, was only about $30 to make! The Katy Perry shoe will cost you $129.


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