New Year’s Eve DIY Dress

Happy New Year!! I’m so excited for this year. Last year was…well old news! Had some ups and far more downs but through it all I’ve remained. For New Year’s Eve this year, Devon and I had dinner at an elegant 1941-vintagey restaurant we have down here called Taboo (side note, this is one of the city’s “must visits” that I can attest to).

 (pictures are not mine, taken from Taboo website.)

Being older (and we’d like to think wiser), avoiding the crazy, drunken rush of NYE partiers was on the top of our to do list this year. Nonetheless, a NYE dress was required! This was a self-drafted dress pattern, kinda just used an old dress that fit as closely to the look I was going for as possible (I really need to make a basic bodice). See a bit of the work in progress below. Once I finalized the idea I had in mind (which was no idea at all, just loved the fabric when I saw it and went from there), it was very simple. I can see how having a pre-made basic bodice would’ve made this a quick sew up. But eh, that’s another project for another day, on to said dress!



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