Norma Kamali Inspired White Fringe Pants + Parsons vs FIT Fashion Show!

So I was just in NYC (“just” being the first weekend of this month) attending the very colorful and much anticipated Parsons vs F.I.T Fusion Fashion show. It was quick (bonus for those of us with ADD), creative, and amazing! They were all wonderful, but I’d like to take a moment to shout out my favorite designers (not in order and with their collection titles):

Parsons The New School For Design

Yina Hwang-“The Octopus Collection”

Daniel Levi-“Mind Captive”

Tom Nguyen-“MILF”

Fashion Institute of Technology

Kyle Seongmin Jun-“Parachute”

Hsinyi Chao-“Peace”

Suyeon Kim-“Love in the Ice”

Enoch Park-“Forgidden”


Alright, on to MY outfit. I just want to start by saying this whole outfit was inspired by Norma Kamali’s white fringe pants. As soon as I seen them on Rihanna at the 2016 Brit Awards, I knew they belonged in my closet. That was, until I found them online for $695 and…well, I just ain’t there yet, Jesus!              


So I made them! The whole outfit was very simple, just time consuming because of the material used.

The Pants: I bought a pair of white slacks from the thrift store for $4, about 9 yards of 2″ long fringe (and used every bit of it) for about $45, and grabbed a sewing needle from my stash. Yes, a sewing needle. Yes, these bad boys were hand sewn!

The Top: A black sheer long-sleeve top with shorter white fringe across the bust. I used a pretty basic long sleeve shirt pattern and a black sheer fabric. I added black trim to the neck and wrists.

The Outfit: The sheer top and fringe slacks were paired with black pointed toe flats. I like to keep my accessories simple so nothing on the wrist, and just my everyday rings, earrings and ixthirty name plate necklace. I don’t know, I just never really been big on costume jewelry…it makes me feel like I’m trying too hard. And my whole style is about being effortless (ok, fine-appearing to be but still). Check me out below:


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