Rugged Urban Chic Style OOTD/Thrift Finds

OMG, it feels sooo great outside! I dusted my boots off last month & this month out comes the furs & jackets! I would say if I didn’t have any family, the weather would single-handedly be the reason I’d move back up North. I know that’s not something you would typically hear. I’m already in the ideal location most would consider an oasis; 11.5 months of sunny skies, palm trees, miles on top of miles of beaches, pelicans, the whole nine. But still, it’s no comparison to having four seasons throughout the year, not for a fashionista at least!

Anywho, with this OOTD, I brought out all my fav’s: fur, denim, Tims, leggings, the fro!??! Uuughh, I’m just in love with this whole look! And most importantly, it’s comfy!!

So found this XXL graphic t-shirt at my local thrift for like a buck. Chopped the sleeves and slimmed down the waist, added 2 side splits, & viola! A cute, quick & easy upcycle of an oversized t-shirt. I don’t have a tutorial on this because I made it a while ago, so maybe I’ll make one but there’s plenty of tutorials out there on the net!

The jacket is also a thrift find upcycled, one of my favorite projects to date. Unfortunately, no tutorial here either (sad face). This was an inspired look from a Gucci Jacket I’d seen in a magazine. I started with a dark denim jacket, bleached it for the tie-dye affect then decorated it with fur to the collar, ribbed trim to the hem, & fabric glitter paint & spraypaint to the rest. Won’t be recreating this because I only need one of these bad boys as a Winter staple.

Finished the outfit with a pair of wheat Tims & black leggings. No accessories because…well, it’s a more rugged look…and for me, less is always more in the accessory department.

And the fro, can’t leave her out! Day 4 on a wash-n-go! I normally only rock the W-N-Gs for about 2 days until it’s bun time, but I think I’m gonna ride out with her to finish off the work week.

Products used: Coconut Oil (marinated overnight), Carol’s Daughter Milk Moisturizer, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, & Eco-Styler gel…in that order in case you were wondering! I normally achieve this look with just moisurizer & gel but with that, I never saw a Day 4. Right now my fro has so much bounce, it’s soft, and there’s still plenty of spirals hanging on! I would say mission complete.

What do you guys think? Do you like how I styled my thrift recycles?!


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