The Passion Planner

When you think of a planner, your mind may also go back to recording music from a radio using a tape recorder, Bubble Tape, or Bill Nye the Science Guy. I hope know I’m not alone here. My point is, it’s an older concept. Today, what would be our planners are apps on our phones & tablets, or if we’re real good, our inexhaustible (right ) minds.

Last week I came across Beauty-From-Ashes‘ review on this Passion Planner. Being that I don’t believe in coincidences, I knew immediately I was buying it. I had just told my mom the day prior that I needed a planner (and yes was scorned about considering the ancient practice) + this is called the Passion Planner. 1) I wanted a detailed planner & 2) I have plenty of passion (duuh!), so this was made specifically for me!

No, but seriously, I went on the Passion Planner’s website to get more info and found that this planner was mapped out exactly how I set up my goals (normally using Google Docs).

I think of my goals for a particular time frame-say 2 years- then I break those goals down into the tasks necessary to complete said goals. Once I know my tasks, I put a timeline on them (with specific dates) and get to work! I love organizing my thoughts and planning things out and I think it’s really important that we free them from our minds, in a hard copy form. When my head gets too congested with thoughts, plans, and ideas-I feel overwhelmed and am forced to retreat to a fetal position on the couch, binging on Netflix & Chic-Fil-A.

This week, I thought I’d share my experience with the Passion Planner thus far. I’ve only had it a week but I’ve reviewed it cover to cover & started filling out my pages. Besides, I don’t have a DIY for ya because seriously guys, I’ve got way too many ideas in my head right now and desperately need an assistant. This was the best & most affordable assistant my money can buy!

I don’t want to get too detailed about the planner itself, just my experience & maybe give you some ideas/motivation for yourself. I chose the compact, undated version since we’re already a quarter into the year. It is a bit more work, because you have to write all the dates in.  I’d say it’s worth it though, because you don’t lose out on all of those months, wasting a portion of the planner.

The first real task of the planner is called “A Fresh Start.” This task is broken down into 3 sections:

What is the biggest goal you would like to accomplish this year? Who/What motivates you the most? Words of encouragement to look back on.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself  – 1 year ago, 1 month ago, last week.

You’re growing!

Next is the Passion Roadmap! This was my favorite part; finally getting all of my thoughts out on paper! The instructions were to give yourself 5 minutes to write down your 3 months, 1 year, 3 year, and lifetime goals. I, however, did not time myself.  I just kept going until I got everything out.

You’re to choose some of the most important of those tasks. From that new shorter list, you choose the 1 thing that will have the most positive impact on your life right now. My choice was one of my 1 year goals: to have 1/2 of my bills paid by me. Now of course, I pay all of my bills right now & live on my own with my boyfriend & puppy. So what I meant by “me” is: me without my 9-5 job, because technically my job is the one paying all of my bills.

So with that “gamechanger” in mind, then it was time to create a plan. What would it take to accomplish this goal? This also was a timed activity where I did not time myself. After you write everything you think is necessary for success (in regards to your goal), you organize, prioritize, and give a deadline to the different tasks.

Then it was time to transfer those tasks over to your monthly planner. My favorite part about the monthly planner is the 2 columns at the bottom: PERSONAL PROJECTS and WORK PROJECTS. Ugh!! This is what single-handedly stole my heart! The dedicated spaces are extremely helpful for any small/start up business owner or entrepreneur whose bread & butter still happens to be their 9-5. I mean, really, it’s perfect for anyone who just has a lot going on in their daily life.

My second favorite part about the monthly planner is the monthly reflection at the end. I believe self-assessment is critical to personal growth and this is “that” section!

Moving on to the weekly planner, is pretty similar to the monthly as it has the 2 dedicated spaces for personal and work to-do lists. Being that the writing spaces are so small, I’ve decided to color code things to keep it looking neat.

And in the very back, you get some blank sketch paper and also some graph paper. This is perfectly designed with an artist (or mathematician) in mind!


The company also offers extra sheets to add to your planner. I’m going with the Habit Tracker for now:

All-in-all, I’m so excited to start planning, and I don’t care how geeky or ancient I sound!!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

– Benjamin Franklin & Que

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