Thrift Find! 90s Button-Up Army Green Jumper Dress


gdress3I was super stoked when I seen this dress hanging in my local Goodwill. I really liked how it just reminded me of the more reserved 90s era. Then I seen the price-$6.99! My eyes naturally divert to the color sale board (to see what colors were half off), and what do ya know?! The dress was half off! $3.49. Yes, only $3.49 for the newest member to my “favorite thrifts” club!

It’s an army green color, with about 11 silver buttons going all the way down. It stops a couple of inches above my ankles. Complete with no sleeves, 2 front pockets, and hardware in the back for adjustments. Goodwill tore the labels out so I’m not sure who it’s made by ( I don’t even know what size it is!). It was in pretty good condition, not too washed out with only the slightest bit of bleach spot on the hem on the back that I decided was minute enough to ignore 🙂 .



My mom/shopping buddy didn’t instantly see the potential like I did, so it took some convincing. Initially, I wanted to wear a black crop turtleneck with long sleeves and my classic wheat Timberland boots. Buut, I only had a full length cream turtleneck with a 3/4 length sleeve and no time to shop so I made that work. Unbuttoned four of the bottom buttons and paired it with my brown leather Dr. Marten combat boots and backpack. I felt like an innocent schoolgirl all over again… so I thought I’d have a little fun at the park!



 Til Next Time xoxo 🙂




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