Top Styling Tips on Mixing Prints

I love mixing prints! Granted, I love a lot of things in life (what can I say-I’m a passionate woman), but I really love mixing prints. There’s a sense of freedom that comes along with wearing mixed prints. For one, I’ve never had the matchy type of classical style. As a matter of fact, I hated matching (except this one time I had fire red hair and wore all red literally from head to toe). My style has always represented something free & wild, with an “I don’t care,” in my own lane, easy breezy afternoon feel (bohemian, rocker chic, hippie, tomboy to name a few). Nonetheless, mixing prints is a timeless way of giving your wardrobe a fresh spin without being restricted to current trends or buying anything new.

But I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I’ve seen quite a few tacky disasters in my days. Seriously people, there’s a very fine line between eccentric and clownish. So here are my

Top 5 Styling Tips for Mixing Prints:

  1. Choose 2 pieces with some sort of fabric similarities. Whether that’s the print design or a common color that’s in both pieces.
  2. Keep accessories to a minimum. Less is definitely more in this situation.
  3. Pair a busy print with a more quiet print. This will help avoid any clashing.
  4. Choose a neutral color from the prints as your shoe & purse color. Keep your shoes & purse a solid color. You really want to allow the prints to command all of the attention in this outfit.
  5. Confidence, wear it always. I would say this is the most important key to mixing prints.

How do you like mixing prints? Any important tips I left out? Show -N- Tell in the comments!


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