Upcycled Oversize Button Up Shirt

Oversized button up shirts are all the craze this season. Like seriously, they’re everywhere and in several variations. This look gives the tomboy style some femininity. I love baggy clothes, showing my legs, and easy DIY’s so I had to hop on this trend. One of the more popular versions I personally liked (with “easy” in mind) is the off the shoulder dress. I didn’t document the DIY process, I was figuring it out as I went. However, I list the basic steps to recreate yourself below.


So of course I started with a button up I found at my local thrift. It was a size 4xl and I got it for around $3.

Elastic to fit snug around your shoulders, I used 1 yard.

1)With the shirt on you, mark and cut the top part (yoke & collar).

2) Cut sleeves off; cut on the outside of the seam (into the sleeve).

3) Reattach the sleeves lower on the arm hole, the top of the shirt should be a huge (un)even circle. You may have to slit the top of the sleeve.

4) Hem/finish the top circumference of the dress, including sleeves.

5) Create a casing for the elastic, leaving an opening to insert the elastic.

6) Lead the elastic through the casing, close the entry hole. And that’s it! Pretty simple right?

Sorry for the botch tutorial, promise I’ll be better. Show me how you recycled your oversized button up long sleeve shirt!




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